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Week 3: The Middle Fog

Usually, by week 3 in any given league, this is when the teams become more distanced. Youll find who is really a title contender, who has no real shot, and who will be fighting for 3rd and 4th place in the playoffs. Not so much this year as we have 3 undefeated teams and two winless teams, and they all play this weekend against each other,

No, Week 3 in the IFA is about muddying up the water. There could be only one undefeated, and one winless team by the end of Sunday, meaning everyone else could be in the exact same position going into Week 4. So, for a week, lets see how it plays out, as week 4 seems to be distancing week.

Saturday, 3pm

Nightmare at the Sting

The Nightmare have had a wierd start to the season. They were off week 1, which may have been a benefit because they got to study while everyone else was playing. In week 2 they were away at the Phoenix, and were able to escape a late charge when the time went out with the ball on the 10. Now, in week 3, they get to be away, again, this time to the Sting. The Sting are fresh off a last second loss of their own, and this could be a very good starting game to the IFA weekend.

Saturday, 5pm

Phoenix at Monsters

The Phoenix are 0-2, with a point differential on 14 points. The Monsters are 0-2 with a point differential of 74. It's football, anything could happen, yet the loser of this game has basically have to win out to have a grasping shot at the playoffs. The winner is in...better condition, but not by much, as getting to 3 wins by week 7 might be a tall order in any case. The basic fact is both teams need a win, nobody wants to be the last squad with no victory.

Sunday, 6:30pm

Power at Rams

The Power got a 6 point win over the Phoenix in week 1 and then got to rest in week 2. The Rams have beaten the Renegades and Monsters and are on a roll, they havent lost in two years. So its the battle of unbeaten teams, and the winner will get to crow because they will possibly be the last unbeaten standing. At the end of this game the IFA will be halfway to the playoffs, and while there is a long way to go, the winner of this game will have a much easier time of it.

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