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IFA Week 4: The Last Week of Feeling Good

Through the first three weeks of any football season, it is a time for excitement and hope. It is a time to figure yourself out, as a player, and a team, and realign expectations. A team that thought they might be average, might surprise themselves and actually be a championship contender. A championship contender might fall on their face and have to learn that grinding for a final playoff spot is all they can really work for.

In most leagues, you get another 5 to 7 weeks to work it all out. In the IFA, you get another four, tops. So there isn't much time, and this is suddenly a huge week.

If you play or root for the Renegades, Power, Phoenix, Sting or Monsters, this is likely the week of dread. This may be the last time your team feels good about your season.

The IFA has four teams with 1 win, and one with none. A loss by any of them puts pressure toward probably having to win out, or at best losing just once more, in order to make the playoffs. Only four of seven will make it, there is likely a three win team that will be sitting at home come playoff time.

Power (1-1) at Sting (1-2)

The Sting roared into the season with a 24-8 win over the Monsters, and then a close loss to the Renegades. Since then they dropped a bit of a bomb against the Nightmare, and now look to take on the Power, a team that has to be stinging a bit due to expecting to give the Rams a bit closer of a game last week.

If the Sting lose, they are in trouble with a capital T, as they haven't played the Rams yet. If the Power lose, they have games yet with the Nightmare, Renegades and Monsters yet to go. This is definitely a game in which the loser will not be feeling very good any longer

Nightmare (2-0) at Renegades (1-1)

The Nightmare apparently dont play home games as this is their third away game to start the season (full disclosure: the Nightmare and the Sting share a home field so an 'away' game in week 3 really wasn't)

Anyway, the Nightmare head to south Chicago to play the Renegades who are probably feeling pretty good about their season at the moment. The have a win over the Sting, a loss to the Rams and no matter how this week shakes out, they will have two more games against sub .500 opponents coming up. For the Nightmare, a win very nearly sows up at least a playoff spot for them as it would take a freakish collapse to blow a 3-0 record.

Phoenix (1-2) at Rams (3-0)

When the 2019 season ends, no matter if they are able to sneak out a playoff spot or miss the postseason entirely, the Phoenix will have to look back at their first two weeks as a huge missed opportunity. The Phoenix are 1-2 with a +14 point differential, thats actually really hard to do. And now they take on the defending champions. The Rams havent lost in two years. To anybody. The Rams have won their first three games by more than 100 points. The Rams, are a juggernaut, and they are worthy of that description.

If the Phoenix lose, they are 1-3, with games against the Renegades and Sting left. They would have to win out just to hope to have tiebreakers over other teams looking at the playoffs. A Rams victory would put them at 4-0, lock up a playoff spot, and await what is probably their last big challenge (the Nightmare), with a bye tossed in there somewhere. Right now, its very good to be the king.

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